Happy Holidays!

Hope everyone is having a great holiday! Some minor/moderate updates. Mostly on the downloads. Silly me, I’m just figuring out that some of the settings aren’t doing what I thought, like the limit of downloads wasn’t for the specific download, it was global >_< So if the limit was 2, it meant you can literally only download 2 times no matter what it was …not what I thought it should be X_x (since I’ve actually tested out downloads this time around).
But that is corrected now, I’ve simply lifted the download limit for now. So very sorry if the limit has caused issues >_<; (no one ever mentioned anything about it X_x;; but then again, probably thought that was intended), especially now that I’m starting to actually have more stuff to download. Also went back to clean/update most of the downloads up to now. My facial templates has some added updates to it, so the image is now updated. Oh yea, and there’s been some update to the site’s appearance as well, most of it might not be as noticeable but it should make things easier to change stuff up in the future.
After the new year, plan to do more cleaning and updating to the site’s content, but for now this will do ^^; Anywho, have a happy New Year!