Happy New Year!

Hope everyone had a good one :) Me, I was good until, well pardon my “sort of venting”…well I’ve been having a small string of bad luck the past month or so. I had injured my knee (left on mostly) when giving my 3 yr old niece a piggy back ride and falling over. To keep her from getting the “brunt” I dropped to my knees…and hurt it bad X.x She cried a little then tried to climb my back again..I knew she was fine X.x Now it’s been about 1-2 month since (my knee felt better for the most part but gets sore if I get pressure on my knees) and a few days ago I slipped in the hallway in the middle of the night because the dogs decided to use the bathroom there ><; Hurt it again and had actual bruising (for some reason it didn't bruise the first time around) so been sore the past couple of days but was able to still function. Again tonight, I slipped again on the dog's mess..and now my knee is pretty messed up >< So my movements are limited for a tad. Gonna buy a crutch and knee bracer...well "today" when the daylight comes back again. Last two times put me in tears X.x;; And I don't normally cry over physical pain ><; but it was the same knee that gets injured, it was a bit much for me. I probably should get it checked, but they'll tell me what I already know, if it's not an injury that requires surgery, just stay off it etc. I'm not getting any younger so I may as well have a few stuff like braces and crutches around, lol ><;; Aside from that, I had nearly chopped some skin off my one knuckle at work and it took two weeks to heal enough to take the bandage off. It just hasn't been my last month or two lately. My pains aside, I've been working to make the store menu more easy to navigate by making it more dynamic, so that the page doesn't have to reload every time you're checking it out. Right now I'm leaving it up but I'm still working on it's color/design so it'll match the store properly. Got it close but still needs work whenever I can get to it. Gonna work on a few more changes to the store this month. I'm probably gonna hold off working on the Liber a Nomen for a month or two, since I got so much other stuff that needs work too.

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