Meh o.o;;

OK, so I finally joined facebook after having friends and family keep inviting me. I got so many friggin accounts it aint funny lol and I don’t really use half of them ><; oh well, on the back end of things, my cart is almost done just need to add photos and maybe a mod or two more, then I won't need my ecrater cart. Like I've mentioned, it's great for starters and if you don't have the know how or need for fancier features, but I need specifiv features lol, that and it was a pain making different attributes of the "same" product on separate pages. Should be posted this week or next ^^. Thankfully having previous experience with this cart has made things go much quicker.

3 thoughts on “Meh o.o;;

    1. LOL the funniest thing was when I saw you on the list I was like… who’s that? then saw Australia and was like, oh that has to be sissy-poo XD hehe

      1. I know… if you hadn’t posted on here I still would have been going WHO IS THAT??? I was scratching my head going… I must have added them as it came up that I invited you 3 years ago… and I went oh well I’m sure I’ll figure it out eventually.

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